2021 Club Plans

With most of 2020 on hiatus, we have started 2021 with a rough idea of how we can have a great spring and summer shooting.

First off, we will need members to volunteer some time to clear trails, and maintain the grounds. With no shoots for going on 2 years now, the club is short of funds and members will be held accoutable for their volunteer time to help sustain the club.

Once the grounds and trails are ready we are thinking of leaving a 3D course up for a couple weeks so that members can shoot on their own time and email in their scores.

This plan is still in the works as we wait to see what the Province's restrictions allow. We will annouce the virtual shoot once the grounds are ready.

2021 memberships are due now - go to http://bvbowmen.ca/membership to sign up. Range is open for members - pay your dues and you get the code to the gate to use the range at your leisure. Please follow all BC Covid rules & restrictions and be safe!

The club's Covid plan will be posted on the clubhouse along with a sign in sheet. If you are using the grounds, please sign in for tracking and grounds use info.


BV Bowmen Covid Plan
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